Not Just Gin... Rum!

If you close your eyes and think of your happy place, what do you see?

A comfy chair, a log fire, a generous pour of rum in a crystal cut glass is what springs to my mind. Rum is one of the most complex and interesting spirits out there. Notes of sweet spices, caramel, raisins, smoke, bananas and almond just scratch the surface of the complexity of this wonderful liquid.

A few years ago, during the gin craze, I had a suspicion that it wouldn’t be long until rum started to gain popularity. A drink so diverse and drinkable wouldn’t be able to go unnoticed for long. White, dark, spiced, neat, in cocktails or over your ice cream – the imagination runs wild with possible combinations to try.

Most start up distillers overlooked rum when setting out and opted for the more accessible grains and potatoes to produce gins or vodkas as opposed to the Caribbean indigenous sugar cane used to produce rum. Naturally, however, trends come and go and many distilleries around the UK are now shipping in sugar cane or molasses (the pulp like mixture made from breaking down sugar cane) to produce Rum. About time too!

So keep an eye out, because I predict it won't be long until your local hipster is making it in his attic, or for the distillery down the road to release their own brand and keep the rum revolution rising.


(I had to stop writing and get myself rum between the first and second paragraphs, have you just got one too?)

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