Sustainable Drinking

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Finally, we all seem to be on the same page about single use plastics, recycling and global warming.


But what else can we do to go the extra mile to help the planet?

What about being able to help a dwindling species survive, whilst making a tasty range of drinks?

Jamie at Roots Beverages Co., made a deal with the bees. He looks after them in exchange for their honey to naturally sweeten his mixers - something that we thought was incredible. A percentage of his profits are pushed back into the conservation and keeping of bees on the Isle of Man, something which Jamie himself, actively partakes in.

With countless documentaries about cutting down our animal product intake, it got me thinking about honey. Technically an animal product, but as bees produce honey as part of their natural life, why shouldn’t we be able to use the delicious bi-product? As the worlds best pollinator of plants and therefore food, surely we should be helping preserve these creatures, which would naturally encourage honey production.

Admittedly I am the first to concede ignorance when it comes to the controversial conversations contained within veganism, but I think the business concept and sustainable agenda of Roots is fantastic. The drinks are amazing and contain no artificial sugars either! Top marks from us here at NJG.

Chris, NJG

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