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Is Try January is the new Dry January?

After promptly Googling ‘Try January’ the first thing that pops up is:

“Try January is an initiative to spark positivity at the start of the year and encourage people to try new food and drink in pubs, bars and restaurants rather than stay indoors or stick to 'the usual’.”

How apt for a time when leaving the house for anything unessential is pretty much illegal!! So perhaps let’s look at this New Year intention from a slightly different angle. Let’s consider Try January as an attempt to stay sober during a January lockdown; something that I can’t imagine much of the nation is attempting right now, given the fact it’s virtually all doom and gloom as we enter a new year (with ‘virtually’ being the largest contributing issue!).

As a spirit based bar, we are not usually an advocate for alcohol-free beverages, however given the current Try January trend, it’s probably worth giving it some thought. So for those with serious will power this month and after some virgin 'quarantini' inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are some mocktail ideas for you to get creative with this month. If you've tried them and decided to share your sobriety on social media, please tag us to let us know! Enjoy!


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