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Plenty of Pink for Valentine’s

Whether you're raising a toast or drowning your sorrows, here’s a selection of Not Just Gin's favourite pink gins to sip on this February 14th and beyond!

1. Gin Rosa - Malfy

Made using the finest Sicilian pink grapefruits, this gin is as pink as it gets! This increasingly popular gin not only guarantees great taste, but also looks beautifully appetising when paired with a premium tonic and a fresh slice of grapefruit to garnish. A real Not Just Gin favourite!

2. Sussex Blue - Harley House Distillery

Don’t be fooled by the deep blue colour of this gin… if you pair this brilliant blue spirit with a premium tonic water you will be mesmerised by the colour changing magic in your glass! As the first colour-changing gin to be produced in the UK, Harley House Distillery’s Sussex Blue Gin contains petals of the Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand, a natural PH indicator. This reacts with the citric acid in the mixer and the magic happens!

3. Premium Pink - Gordon’s

Not Just Gin presents one of the sweetest spirits on its menu – Gordan’s Premium Pink. This bold flavour of this gin is made using raspberries and strawberries and is certainly a crowd pleaser at Not Just Gin events!

4. Bramble - Chilgrove

Warming yet refreshing, Chilgrove’s beautifully British Bramble gin is made using blackberry and redcurrant. This seriously-smooth, ruby-red gin is bursting with fruit and pairs perfectly with a premium Indian tonic water. This one is certainly an all year round G&T on Not Just Gin's menu!

5. White Peach - Gordon’s

A newer addition to the Gordan’s collection – White Peach. Another delectably sweet gin available from the Not Just Gin menu yet with a more delicate flavour. Paired with a premium Indian tonic water, this gin makes a peachy perfect G&T!



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