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CBD Oil & Alcohol

You will have all seen in the news the legalization of marijuana in various places around the world in recent months, as well as an influx of cannabis oil infused products in your local hipster supermarket.

But what is CBD oil and could it ever be mixed with alcohol?

CBD is the naturally occurring oil extracted from the cannabis plant. No you won’t be getting stoned by sprinkling it on your cornflakes, it doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive elements found in the stuff Barry the village dealer sells you - however it has been linked to reducing anxiety, pain and depression.

Coca Cola have been exploring adding this element to their drinks, which made me wonder, is there a way for CBD and alcohol to go hand in hand?

Alcohol, being a depressant, with CBD which reduces anxiety and sadness would surely cancel out the negative effects to an extent? Or would it just make you trip out on top of your rotten hangover?

With all these edgy, East London breweries popping up left right and centre, I’d be surprised if one of these mustache twirling vegans hasn’t raised this idea with the manager of their cooperative working space in Bethnal Green.

CBD Beer? I think it’s a great idea and potentially something that might be in the news in the near future....



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