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To drink or not to drink?

Generation Z are drinking less. Fact.

Dwindling are the good old days of drinking Fosters in the park on a ‪Tuesday night, pub quizzes on a Thursday and nights out on the town at the weekend trying to explain to your mates, just how much you love them over that 10th pint at 2am.

More and more, it seems that these ‘vital’ experiences of the 90’s youth are being traded for oat milk lattes, avocados and quinoa.

Now we are not writing this blog to say that this a bad thing - in fact, we are glad that people are channeling so much of their energy into health and well being. Our bodies are amazing things and they should be looked after! We want to try and break away from the stigma that alcohol is bad for you and should be cut out all together. Granted, if you were to spend every week night seeing off a bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon, your body would probably not thank you. However we think that alcohol is a craft, and when drunk in moderation should be celebrated, not cut out. The passion that these small start-up distillers pour into their product is outstanding, which results in drinks of incredible quality which should be appreciated and praised.

We’re not here to get you sloshed every weekend, but don’t stop drinking all together. There is a whole world of appreciation to be discovered and it all starts with a beautifully prepared Gin.



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